Nottingham Pump Station

Northern Cape, South Africa

Solutions Provided: Design and Construction Monitoring

The Nottingham Pump Station and related infrastructure was originally constructed in 1983 and upgraded in 2003. The system consists of a pump station abstracting water from the Orange River and two DN 1500 rising mains discharging into a canal which transfers the water over a distance of approximately 24 km to augment the Vaal River. The Northern Cape is an arid region. The system is therefore of strategic importance to support the vast irrigation scheme as well as domestic water supply to the town of Douglas. The reliable operation of the system is regarded as a critical lifeline to both the agriculture industry, as well as the town and inhabitants of Douglas and surrounding areas in this arid part of the country.

A section of one of the rising mains was in a poor condition and was identified for replacement. C2D were appointed to design and monitor the pipeline replacement as well as upgrades to the system, including a sacrificial anode cathodic protection system and the design of a delivery valve chamber.

The construction was completed under challenging site conditions during a 4 week shutdown in May/June 2018. The re-commissioning of the pump station and canal marked the start of the next planting season - a joyous occasion for the close-knit farming community of Douglas!

Grootegeluk Main Water Pipeline Upgrades

Limpopo, South Africa

Solutions Provided: Design Integration, Construction Monitoring and Long Term Corrosion Coupon Exposure Program

The project entails the upgrading of the Grootegeluk Main Water Pipeline at the Exxaro Grootegeluk Complex. The 5.7 km long, DN 600 steel pipeline was constructed in the 1980’s and supplies raw water to the mining operations from a connection to the Mokolo Dam supply system.

Exxaro commissioned a condition assessment of the pipeline and appurtenances in 2016 and identified a number of pipeline upgrades which would extend the pipeline’s life expectancy and vastly improve the maintainability of the asset.

The consulting engineers, Aurecon, appointed C2D as specialist sub-consultant to perform the design integration, construction monitoring and to implement a long-term corrosion coupon exposure program as part of the project.   

Zuikerbosch Pumping Station 5A Cathodic Protection

Gauteng, South Africa

Solutions Provided: Cathodic Protection Design and Construction Monitoring

Rand Water’s Zuikerbosch Pumping Station 5A project consists of the construction of desilting flocculators, sedimentation tanks, carbonation bays and a sludge pump station at the Zuikerbosch complex. C2D were appointed for the design and construction monitoring of the medium to long term sacrificial anode cathodic protection systems for the protection of the buried infrastructure forming part of this project, including DN 1400 flocculator inlet pipes and a DN 450 sludge pumping main.

The appointment included the cathodic protection detailed design, consisting of: soil resistivity surveys, anode bed surveys, detailed design, bills of quantities, specifications, drawings and part time construction monitoring. 

Polokwane Treated Sewage Water Project

Limpopo, South Africa

Solutions Provided: Specialist Cathodic Protection Services 

The Polokwane Treated Sewage Water Project involved a pipeline condition assessment and feasibility study to identify and recommend refurbishment requirements on the existing wastewater transfer system supplying the Anglo Mogalakwena Mine.

The consulting engineers, Aurecon, appointed C2D as specialist sub-consultant to perform the corrosion engineering and cathodic protection tasks on the project. The tasks included: soil resistivity survey, pipe-to-soil potentials and stray current survey (including logging of both AC and DC potentials over an extended period), TRU and groundbed inspections, troubleshooting and reporting which included refurbishment and upgrading recommendations.  

North South Carrier


Solutions Provided: Hydraulic Design, Optimisation and Field Validation

The North-South carrier (NSC) is an extensive bulk water transfer scheme conveying raw water from surface water resources located in the north of Botswana, near Francistown to the capital city of Gaborone in the south over a distance of approximately 360 km.

The second phase of the scheme (NSC-2) involves a new pipeline, parallel to the existing system which is being implemented in phases. Since 2011, members of C2D have been providing specialist inputs to various different design teams on the following project phases:

  • NSC2.1 – 1200 ND, 80 km long steel pipeline between Moralane and Palapye,
  • Dikgatlhong Dam Project - 1200 ND, 74 km long steel pipeline between Dikgatlhong Dam and Moralane,
  • NSC-1 Upgrade Works – Analysis of the 1200 ND and 1400 ND existing system,
  • NSC-1 Upgrade Works, GRP Replacement - 1400 ND GRP Replacement project
  • NSC 2.2 Transfer Project – 1200 ND 250 km pipeline between Palapye and Mmamashia

Services included the detailed hydraulic and surge analysis of the respective systems, development of operating and control philosophies, pump and valve selection and specification, system optimisation and validation.